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I'm also somewhat surprised by the other negative reviews for this place. I went with a group of girlfriends as a bridal shower/spa getaway and we all had a fabulous time overall - we had to drag ourselves away to make our dinner reservation!

Seems like people who schedule manis, pedis, or other salon services had bad experiences. No one in our group had salon services (I warned them about the bad reviews for those) - we were all in the spa area not the salon - so maybe that makes a difference?

SOME CONS: We all had spa services (massages, facials, scrubs, etc) and enjoyed them, though I don't think anyone would say it was the best treatment they'd ever had. And we all agreed that services were terribly overpriced. Probably the most wrong thing is the 20% gratuity they add to the already unusually expensive service, plus the fact that they tell you only half of that goes to the person who did your treatment, which makes you add another 10% if you don't want to be an asshole tipper to your person (especially if she's as sweet as Denise, who even gave me some of the special body lotion she used for my scrub so I could use it later). So even though the prices are already expensive, I think most people would prefer a slightly higher priced treatment so that the added gratuity fully covered what you expected it to rather than resulting in a sort of hidden extra cost. All told, we ended up paying a bit over $200 each for a 50 minute treatment that was good but not necessarily the best ever.

One other not so terrific thing was that the sauna was not working when we visited.

But if you think of the price as covering not just the treatment but also the spa amenities, and if you give yourself enough time to enjoy those (see below b/c we certainly did), then it comes closer to being better priced.

THE PROS: The experience we had overall was amazing. We relaxed and chatted in the whirlpool and steam room, soothed our eyes with the icy cucumber slices they have out for guests, sipped tea and snacked on fruit in our plush robes while we enjoyed the terrific view from the co-ed lounge, enjoyed the complimentary champagne they brought us (I don't know if they do that for everyone, but I told them that we were celebrating a friend's upcoming wedding and we really appreciated that they made it more special for us - they were even gracious about bringing us a second round of champagne when we asked!). The staff was super friendly and accommodating. Jasmine (I think that was her name), who gave us the tour of the spa, was very professional and made us feel taken care of - she even made sure we had enough space in the locker rooms so we weren't all bunched in the same area to get un/dressed - very thoughtful. Though we hung around for a couple hours after our treatments enjoying their amenities, we never felt rushed. And even when we started to get a bit loud and have a bit too much non-tranquil fun laughing and chatting in the lounge (sorry!), they were so nice about telling us.

  • Tip: Whenever you have a Spa Day try to get to the towel warmer first, to get the warmest towels. For more information on towel warming cabinets checkout
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  • Built in Heater: 675W X 2, 0.9HP X 2; MAX.104F HEAT TEMPERATURE
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