Outdoor spa Jacuzzi with TV

The revolutionary SpaVue is a waterproof, flat panel HDTV specifically designed to be mounted on the edge of any hot tub or spa. The SpaVue's extremely durable TV housing is made of rust proof aluminum and the front is made of hardened, scratch proof glass. With the included waterproof remote control you can control your TV while relaxing in your hot tub.
The SpaVue comes with built in, high quality waterproof speakers that provide a great stereo audio sound. To get the most out of your SpaVue, or if you have a large indoor or outdoor area and would like superior sound quality we recommend the BOSE outdoor speakers that can be plugged in directly to your SpaVue for a phenomenal surround sound experience. SAFE TO USE AROUND WATER
  • It runs on low voltage (12VDC). Made with special hardened glass that is strong and secure. Durable rust resistant aluminum housing.
  • Superior high brightness LED HD picture quality.
  • Can easily be installed on any hot tub, spa, pool, deck or anywhere you desire to watch TV.
  • Completely weather and waterproof. Made to withstand hot, cold, rain or snow. The SpaVue is as durable is as it is stylish.
  • The SpaVue comes complete with a stainless steel bracket, winter cover and a waterproof floating remote control.

Although the SpaVue has integrated speakers on the bottom that will provide good quality, sometimes you want to have a little more.

The SpaVue is compatible with the Bose Outdoor Speakers and this will create a phenomenal sound quality. Simply plug in the wires from the speakers in the compartment on the back of the SpaVue and you are ready to enjoy your hot tub in a whole new way!
Special Note: Do not expose to direct sun light (this can be easily avoided with a large umbrella or shaded area)

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