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My boyfriend and I had been looking forward to our holiday in Europe for a long time. The culmination of the trip was a ski trip in Zermatt, so we treated ourselves to a suite at Matterhorn focus for a week.

The hotel looked beautiful from the website. We picked it because it looked lovely and modern, without being cold. Also, you can't beat the view of the Matterhorn when you're in Zermatt, can you?

First impressions

There are lots of really positive points to this hotel. The view is breathtaking. I really couldn't get over the amazing views of the staggering Matterhorn sitting there over us in the window! The staff were friendly and nice, and took us through a seamless check in. The decor is just as expected - very stylish, very nice.

Our room - wow!! We were at the Monta Rosa suite, which was, in a word, impressive. It had a sweeping view of the Matterhorn, a HUGE bath tub in the middle of the room (I'm 5"10 and could practically swim in it), fluffy robes, nice blankets and pillows, one of those cool chandelleirs... Seeing as this was a romantic holiday, the staff even streamed rose petals across the bed...mmmmm! Nice touch with the free wine bottle on welcome, too.

It just had a really wonderful, spacious feel and lovely views. Perfect for watching the snow fall (which it did on the morning of our first day there :-) )

Breakfast is pretty comprehensive. Nothing spectacular, but overall good for a hotel breakfast.

The spa is WOW. Hot tub outside, lovely pool inside, steam room, sauna, other therapy rooms... thought it was beautiful. We enjoyed it to the full!

Negative points

Easter being high season, we were paying $970 AUD per night (around $900 US per night) to stay there, so it cost a bomb. Considering this, you'd think they wouldn't scrimp and save on things like nespresso capsules (for which they charge you 1SF each), and charge you for tea in the evening in the lounge. It really puts a damper on the whole experience, and is just so unnecessary.

Also, no restaurant. This really does become an issue. The hotel is about 15min walk into the centre of the village, which can seem like a lifetime on a dark, cold evening. There is nothing to eat but filled rolls, which they sell at 2 SF each. A pretty decent Italian place is literally next door, but is no substitute.

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