Hot tub cover repair foam

Marine Grade Vinyl Our polyester re-inforced backing does not soak up water and is highly resistant to mildew and rot. Some cover manufacturers use cheap furniture vinyl with an absorbent cotton backing, and pass it off as 'Marine-Grade'. Our Hot Tub Covers are manufactured from heavy weight (30oz) true marine grade vinyl, treated with UV protection and mildew inhibitors. Vapour Barrier Steam barrier protection with sealed polyethylene wrap. Keeps water vapour away from the insulating cores of the cover. Double wrap option is also available for extra protection. Underside Material

The underside material of the cover that faces the water takes the most abuse. It's also the first line of defence in preventing chemical damage and moisture infiltration, and must be durable enough to withstand the constant dragging from removing the cover from the spa. Our Hot Tub Covers are manufactured using a double laminated reinforced, chemical and ozone resistant 12oz scrim. This material is so strong (it's constructed similarly to rip-stop- nylon) that it's used internally throughout the cover to reinforce the double stitching. This heavy duty and rugged protective underside is tailored in the same way as the rest of the vinyl cover; making for a well-fitting tailored finish and fit.

Compare this with the stretchy and weak mesh 'net' that is frequently found under spa covers made in the UK. Such materials offer little protection against chemical fumes and vapours reaching the foam insulating cores. The net mesh is also very 'stretchy', and this means that the vinyl cover skin always looks wrinkly and baggy - like the cover doesn't fit properly.

Energy Shield Underside Energy Shield Our Hot Tub Covers are the first to bring energy efficient reflective Energy Shield underside material to the UK hot tub cover market. This scrim material replaces the standard underside with a 12oz woven highly reflective metallic material. One of the ways that heat is lost is that it radiates out in waves. The Energy Shield underside bounces those heat waves back into the spa water, thereby increasing the covers insulating effectiveness and efficiency. Insulating Cores

Most other hot tub covers offer just one choice of insulating foam cores. But one solution does not suit all applications. Our Hot Tub Covers offer FOUR grades of cover so you can choose to invest in additional insulation and save money in running costs because you have a more efficient cover.

Insulating Core Options

  • Premium Cover with No. 10 Foam, 4 inch to 2 inch taper
  • Premium Plus Cover with No. 15 Foam, 4 inch to 2 inch taper
  • Deluxe Cover with No. 20 Foam, 5 inch...
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