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Outdoor Jacuzzi installation cost

Hot tubs are made out of acrylic, vinyl or fiberglass. There are wooden options made out materials like of cedar that are eye-catching options. However, these require more maintenance and cleaning and cost a little bit more upfront. These hot tubs also don't always have the contoured seating that acrylic models do. The cost to install a hot tub made out of different materials will otherwise vary less between the three types.

Installation Site

What your hot tub will sit in will make a big impact on the price. Some homeowners opt to install a hot tub on decking, while others prefer a concrete pad. Building decking for the hot tub specifically will increase the total cost as compared to having a deck to put it on. Make sure to speak with your professional to ensure the decking material will hold the weight of the hot tub you've chosen. If you decide to go with a concrete pad, then the cost to install a hot tub will be less expensive. If your installation site isn't already equipped with electrical setup or plumbing, that will be an additional cost. You might need to have an outlet installed or an outdoor water source.

Tub Transport

Most hot tubs require either two to six people for installation or even a crane since most weigh between 400 and 1, 000 pounds. Your professionals might want to check that they will have enough space to move the spa to its installation area before trying with the real thing.

Hot Tub Covers

A hot tub cover is imperative for keeping the heat in the tub but also for safety. Having one will keep your children or pets fall into the tub. It should be a relatively small extra charge.

You might also need to get a permit for installation, so make sure to look into your local code before you start. Talk to at least three professionals before making any decisions so you get someone you trust and who will be knowledgeable of local codes.

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