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My husband and I stayed in one of the Luxor hotel’s Spa Suites for a week in June 2006 and had a wonderful time!

The Spa Suites are located in the corners of the pyramid and include 2 rooms. One room has the bed and the spa, the other room is a sitting room. The spa itself is clover shaped with 2 seats and sits right under the angled window of the pyramid. The view from the spa is really amazing, particularly at night. We had a strip view from the 11th floor. While we really enjoyed the view, you don’t get to see as much of the strip as you might like, because the Luxor’s tower rooms block some of the view. The view from the sitting room is also fantastic! There is a couch right under the window, so you can sit and enjoy the view – this was our favorite thing to do! One bonus of the angled windows is that the window extends over your head, so you can see up above as well. Our room had a TV in each room and a really large bathroom – shower only, no tub. Our room also had 2 air conditioners, so we had no problem keeping cool. One more important feature of our room was a mini refrigerator. Great for keeping extra drinks on hand.

Getting around the Luxor is not the most convenient. Since, the Luxor is a giant pyramid and the rooms are all on the perimeter of the pyramid with an open center, you could easily have quite a hike to your room. The first 5 floors are serviced by regular elevators located at each corner of the pyramid. These sides of the pyramid are longer on lower floors than those higher up (on each floor the perimeter gets progressively smaller), you can also select to use the elevator closest to your room, by crossing through the casino level to get to the closest elevator. The inclinators to the remaining floors are also found in the corners of the pyramid. Each corner has inclinators that only service specific floors. An inclinator is an elevator that moves at a diagonal following the incline of the pyramid. Floors 6-15 are serviced by 2 inclinators. Since these floors are closer to the ground, the sides of the pyramid are still very long. There are 2 inclinators to try and ease this burden. You can select the closest inclinator to your room of the two available. An inclinator is dedicated to floors 16-21 and 22-30 are serviced by another inclinator. Sometimes taking the stairs for a floor or 2 can get you to a closer inclinator.

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