Jacuzzi and bath oils

jacuzzi hot tub spa bath whirlpool essential oilsIt is strange that with the popularity of spa baths, so few people ever think of introducing essential oils into the experience, yet it is an extremely effective way to use essential oils, as the water is being circulated the whole time, plus the heated water which helps to diffuse the fragrance molecules.

Pure and undiluted essential oils are volatile and will evaporate, and will not cause any clogging of the expensive piping and pump. It is however best to select essential oils that are not too resinous or heavy, as some of their constituents may leave a residue on the pipes.

If you are using the jacuzzi outside in sunlight, or when tanning, refrain from selecting oils that have sun sensitizing properties - for more information click here.

Should you be having friends over to join you in the spa bath, select oils that are not known irritants, as some of your guests may have sensitive skins - for more information please click here.

Placing too much essential oil in the water can not only be a waste, but can also cause the oil to burn the skin, since pure essential oils are very concentrated and must be used with care - for more information on essential oil safety issues, please click here.

Once the spa bath has been filled, and the pump ready to be switched on, then put 6 - 8 drops of pure essential oil in a small spa bath, or 10 drops for larger ones that can take 3 - 4 people.

Since the spa bath heats up the water, and the water is not always drained off after every use, water hygiene is important.

If you only use the spa bath personally, risk of cross infections are remote, but when having friends join you, you may consider using a small percentage of your allowed oil on an anti-bacterial and anti-fungal oil.

Water should also be drained off regularly.

To have a look at the therapeutic properties of essential oils, please click here.

The constant running of the water creates negative ions, which are beneficial to your health, and the pure tactile sensation of the whirling hot water is a great way to relax and de-stress.

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