Jacuzzi rooms Wildwood NJ

Recommended Hotels

Looking for a cheap hotel in Wildwood? We have selected three affordable hotels that have received great ratings based on their value for the price over the past 24 months.

Use our convenient booking form if you want to search hotels by location. That way you can find, for example, cheap hotels in Wildwood on the beach or close to the boardwalk.

Tropicana Motel Located in the center of Wildwood, this motel is just a few blocks from the beach and within walking distance of Adventure Pier. Each room includes cable TV, a refrigerator and a microwave. Wi-Fi is available for a surcharge. Dolphin Inn For fun in the sun, visit this Wildwood hotel located near the beach. The property features an outdoor pool and several barbecue grills. Meanwhile, guests enjoy free wireless Internet access and kitchenettes in their rooms. Lollipop Motel Located in North Wildwood, this motel is conveniently situated near Ocean Oasis Waterpark and Morey’s Piers. Guests here enjoy access to the motel laundry facilities and outdoor barbecue grills. Rooms feature premium cable and kitchenettes. Our convenient booking form also lets you search by hotel amenity. Find hotels in Wildwood, NJ with a Jacuzzi in the room, with a kitchenette or hotels that are pet friendly.

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