Aquatic spa 3 full view

Jacuzzi Hot Tubs Spain

Supplier of whirlpools, saunas, pools and pool products, garden furniture, air conditioning, central heating and plumbing and electrical accessories at La Pedrera Industrial State, 03720 Benissa.

Nivola Spas

Supply hydro massage spas, saunas, steam rooms, gazebos, pergolas and garden furniture. Maintenance, project management and technical services. Based at Centro Mar Cami de la Mar 16 Local 2, 03530 Alfaz del Pi.

5 Star Pool Cleaning

Swimming pool, spa cleaning and maintenance services for private or communal pools, sand changes, new pumps and repairs. Covering the areas of Calpe, Benissa, Moraira, Teulada, Benitachell, Jalon and Javea. Located in Benissa.

Euro Pool Shop

Manufacture and design of hydro-massage spas for garden or terrace designed for outdoor use all year round. Also supply saunas, pool heaters, covers, chemicals and accessories.

Hotspring Portable Spas

Retailers of hydrotherapy massage spas supplied by a leading spa manufacturer. Based in The Casa Store Ctra Denia-Ondara km1, 03700 Denia.

Piscinas Gunitec S.L.

Supply and install swimming pools, spas, jacuzzi and saunas and build tennis courts. They are able to supply heaters, pumps and most parts to correct pool problems. Based in Calle Jose luis Borges s/n, 03730 Javea.

Cosmo Spas

Outdoor and indoor spas, hot tubs, saunas and gazebos. Importer of Sanum, Hot Spring, Solana, Hot Spot, Weka and Sequoia systems.

Renova Pool

In-ground, concrete, swim or customised spas. Turkish baths, Finish saunas, infrared cabins, heat pumps and advice on all spa systems and accessories. Located at Carrer Sertorio 22, 03700 Denia.

Hotspring Portable Spa

Retailer of health enhancing hydrotherapy massage spas supplied by leading spa manufacturer, sales and service throught Costa Blanca. Based in Bricolage Alpuente Pilar de la Horadada.

Koteka Trading S.L.

Importers of 'Fair Trade' modern volcanic ash statues, root teak furniture, garden ornaments, spas, decking and hot tubs from Indonesia. 10:00-18:00 Monday to Friday and 10:00-13:30 Saturday. Balcon de San Miguel Calle Alicante 17, 03193 San Miguel.

Paradise Spas

Supplier of portable all weather spas and hot tubs also hydromassage spas suitable for use all-year-round. Based at Calle Mar Caribe no 1 San Miguel de Salinas, 03193 Alicante.


Official importer of Canadian Hydropool spas. Based at C/ Jose Pujante 18, 03550 San Juan.

Hotspring Spas Costa Blanca

Spas, jacuzzis, whirpools, hot tubs in the Costa Blanca. Permanent exposition at Casa Shop in Denia. At Poligono next to St. Carlos Clinic, 03700 Denia, Alicante.

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