Each of our 75 hotel rooms is

Hotel Jacuzzi massage

With so many hotels and casino's in Macau it can be difficult to weed through all the options. More interested in a short break from Hong Kong than gambling we opted for the Banyan Tree as the facilities looked amazing.

At first it was very difficult to secure a room but after calling back several times over 2 days a standard room became available. Once we arrived we were upgraded to their largest suite free of charge and it was with out a doubt one of the best, largest and most pimped out suites I have ever seen.

A huge relaxation/plunge pool sits in the middle of the hotel room surrounded by day beds, couches and a massive flat screen TV. Other amenities included a separate bedroom with all the modern cons, huge bathroom with traditional wooden soaking tub, duel head rain shower and a large selection of free products for his and her. My only gripe was a slightly smokey smell when we entered the room but I suggest that may have just been someone from the night before abusing the non smoking policy. (something I later did after a night on the town)

From the moment we stepped out of our car we were greeted by friendly staff which continued for the duration of the whole trip. Corona's arrived promptly to our room complete with fresh limes and our included breakfast each morning was also nice. We did have one minor problem getting the right breakfast order one morning but this was all but made up by the free champagne also provided at the buffet.

A highlight for us was a morning swim in the top floor health club. The infinity pool has views out onto Galaxy and greater Macau. While the gym didn't seem that well equipped we were more interested in the pool and Jacuzzi. The outside recreation facilities were also great but as we were so spoiled in our room we didn't have much need to investigate.

All in all this may be one of the more expensive hotels in Macau but considering the fantastic rooms and excellent service I actually found it to be great value for money. We were fortunate to get upgraded but I would still go back and try their standard room in the future. The bigger suite would also make for a fantastic party of 8-10 people, something we are working on for next time.

Room Tip: I suggest a room facing into the pool area and over to Galaxy.

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Westin at Home Westin Hotel Bath & Massage Oil - White Tea Aloe Bath & Massage Oil,7 Oz
Beauty (Westin at Home)
  • Relax with our Heavenly Spa by Westin Bath & Massage Oil
  • Let your tensions slip away with our luxurious oil blend
  • Antioxidant and revitalizing properties
  • Enjoy the sweet aroma of white tea
  • 7oz bottle
Thailand Act Cool Aromatic Rose Carving Health Towel Tray
Art and Craft Supply (Thailand)
  • Deluxe Stainless Steel Carving Stand Tray Stylist Cotton Towel & Thai Herbal Massage Oil Stand Shower Decor Indoor/Outdoor Jacuzzi Bath (Home & Hotel)
  • Thai Silver Crass Carved Shower + One Rose Rosary Orchids Around The Side Carved Base (Shallow Tray) Show Cream Shampoo+ Body Lotion Bottle (9-30 oz.) & Small...
  • 3 Medium Leg, 3 Luxury Flower Bloom Stand & 3 Smoot Stand Does not Scratch Surface Of Ceramic, Parquet Wood, Tile & Cement
  • Embossing Stand Tray s Edge Create Greater Cover of Bottle
  • Great for Bathroom Accessories & Welcome Drink Tray
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