Hot tub cover Jacksonville FL

spa cover color chartOrder Local! We are Jacksonville’s headquarters for replacement spa and hot tub covers.

All our spas come with insulating covers that are rated for safety and insulation. They come in 14 colors. Walk-on covers are also available, in addition to several types of cover lifters. Cover lifters allow the user to move and store the cover with ease.

Atlantic Coast Spa Covers include the following superior features:

  • Our spa covers use 2 pound density virgin EPS foam core for insulation. The covers have an R-value of 19 for the 4” to 2” tapered 2 pound density foam. We also offer 5” to 3” tapered 2 pound density foam which has a higher top strength and better insulating properties with an R-value of 21.
  • We use 28 Ounce Marine Grade Vinyl which features mildew inhibitors and UV stabilized coloring to help prevent fading.
  • The double sided, solid cover liner we use is chemically treated on both sides to help prevent chemical damage.
  • Our 2” Galvanized steel support beams are the strongest in the business and are also resistant to chemicals.
  • We use a 4 mil vapor barrier that is heat sealed to the foam core to help ensure the foam core does not become water-logged. Double plastic can be added to provide an 8 mil vapor barrier and two layers of protection.
  • Our covers have matching reinforced cover handles and child locking tie downs which are double stitched for added strength.
  • The hinges are double-reinforced which makes them extra strong.
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