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One of the things that can make a tankless water heater suck is the minimum flow rate for activation. Using one faucet at a time and mixing cold with hot water you are very likely to fall below 0.5 gpm of hot water use and that is low enough to trigger most tankless units to stop, giving you a cold water shock and wasting time and water until you readjust the temperature. Larger, whole-house units can have a threshold of 0.75 gpm or more and that makes things even more difficult. Well, all Ecosmart tankless water heaters, even the largest 27 kW ones have a minimum flow rate of 0.25 gpm. This is by far the best activation threshold in the market and I don't think EcoSmart is promoting this feature enough.

Next, Ecosmart tankless water heaters have a clear temperature control panel with a digital display that allows you to set outlet water temperature in one degree intervals. Once set, the water heater will auto-adjust the power to attain the desired temperature even with varying flow rate, eliminating sharp fluctuations in warmth and saving time, water and energy. Ecosmart products have a state-of-the-art modulation system with inlet and outlet temperature sensors as well as thermostats connected to the heating elements and a flow rate sensor. That gives Ecosmart agility in providing you with hot water and adequate protection against overheating.

Sifting through the customer reviews on the various EcoSmart models, I have not found any recurring or alarming complaints. Then again, there are a few people who buy a low power EcoSmart and complain it does not heat enough. In general, people end up very happy with these water heaters and there are next to zero cases of the units dying in some way. I can confidently call EcoSmart tankless water heaters well-built and long-lasting.

There is a lifetime warranty on Ecosmart water heaters and that sounds great. Unfortunately, the device must be installed within 30 days from the date of the receipt and by a licensed electrician and a licensed plumber. If you are a diy person, your warranty is void. To tell the truth, I've got mixed feelings about the reliability of this warranty but that does not change the fact that Ecosmart units have great quality with great price.

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Golden Designs Inc M Spa Model B-90 Apline Hot Tub, 62 by 62 by 27-Inch, Black
Lawn & Patio (Golden Designs Inc)
  • Patented Build-in Control Box with Touch Botton Controls
  • Premium 3-layer Laminated PVC
  • Water Capacity: 184Gal
  • Air Bubble Jets: 105
  • Built in Heater: 675W X 2, 0.9HP X 2; MAX.104F HEAT TEMPERATURE
  • Built in Heater: 675W X 2, 0.9HP X 2; MAX.104F HEAT TEMPERATURE
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