Jacuzzi Perfecta round Toilet reviews

I read all the reviews on this toilet before purchasing and despite a lot of bad ones I still went ahead and bought this toilet for our ensuite that I re-modeled. One of the main attractions were the seat height and the elongated feature, that and it was on sale at Lowes for $109 so the price was definitely right for all the features. Installation was a snap (but most toilets are) and everything was included. Its a nice looking toilet as far as toilets go, and I like the slow seat closing feature ... no more seat slamming down. The dual flush feature is nice, mind you there doesn't appear to be too much of a difference regardless of which I choose, and I have found that sometimes 2 or even 3 flushes are required despite it boasting a "5 star rating - superior flushing performance" hence my average rating. In any event, given the price and the looks, all in all we're satisfied so far. Would I buy it again if I were doing it all over? I'm not sure to be honest, it looks great but the occasional multiple flushing does bug me.
Golden Designs Inc M Spa Model B-90 Apline Hot Tub, 62 by 62 by 27-Inch, Black
Lawn & Patio (Golden Designs Inc)
  • Patented Build-in Control Box with Touch Botton Controls
  • Premium 3-layer Laminated PVC
  • Water Capacity: 184Gal
  • Air Bubble Jets: 105
  • Built in Heater: 675W X 2, 0.9HP X 2; MAX.104F HEAT TEMPERATURE
  • Built in Heater: 675W X 2, 0.9HP X 2; MAX.104F HEAT TEMPERATURE
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