Jacuzzi bath essence

Erbaviva's is a gentle and exotic essential oil that is soothing, relaxing and simply divine! It is designed to be used by adding 10 drops to a warm bath. On top of smelling wonderful and helping me relax after a crazy day with the kids, I really think I came out of the bath with my skin feeling softer as a result of the sesame oil and essential oils. My bath was certainly a wonderful treat!

Another nice thing about this particular blend of essential oils is the scent. It is light and kind of musky, so it isn't too girly or too masculine - which makes it great for both Moms and Dads. And while the bottle appears to be small at only 10 ml or .33 fluid ounces, I can tell you that a little goes a long way!

They have some really wonderful natural skin care products, but my favorite browsing section was the natural makeup! I'm a sucker for eye makeup, and love using mineral makeup, which this site has!! I especially liked some of the mineral eye creams by Christopher Drummond. I hope you will take a moment and check out this great online store!

Mommy and Daddy Bath Essence: a euphoric, sensual blend of Clary Sage, Pettigrain, Rose and Verbena. Bye, bye children, time for romance.
by Erbaviva
Sold at Nature's Basin ~ 10 ml
Beauty Products / Organic / Bath

Edition Reviewed: 10 ml bottle - Review sample received courtesy of Nature's Basin. Many thanks for sending me the wonderful product to review!

About Erbaviva's Mommy and Daddy Bath Essence:

Take a soothing bath (together!) and experience the benefits of organic aromatherapy, too. Or try it to soak away stress before date night. This sensual combo of clary sage, petitgrain, rose, and verbena promotes passion and definitely isn't for kids-though it is safe in the Jacuzzi. Erbaviva's essences are made by combining choice organic essential oils with a carrier oil of basic organic sesame oil. The company is one of the few with skin care lines certified organic by the USDA, which means its facility, processes, and products are all carefully evaluated.

Directions for Use: Use 5 drops for children and pregnant women, 10 drops for adults. Add to a full bath for the best aromatherapy benefits.

Price: $13.75

By Erbaviva
Size: 10mL/0.3fl.oz
Country: United States
Ship Date: Same day shipment via USPS
Returns/Exchange: 90-Day Money Back Guarantee

About Nature's Basin
Nature's Basin is an online retail store that specializes in selling natural makeup, natural skin care, organic makeup, organic skin care, and beauty products. They analyze every product to ensure that its ingredients are natural and safe for consumers. You can read more about them at Nature's Basin. Some highlights:

~ 20 organic brands, over 400 products
~ Free samples with every order: 2 samples, 5 samples for orders $90 plus
~ Free shipping on orders over $49
~ 90 day unconditional money back guarantee: details here
~ 30 day lowest price guarantee
~ Offer Rewards Program: $5 = 100 point
~ Special gift packaging service
~ Find Nature's Basin on Facebook fan page and Twitter

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