How to install a jacuzzi bath

Jacuzzi bath electrical

In the 1980s, many new homes were built with a Jacuzzi tub in the bathroom. But not a large Jacuzzi, tub, just a standard sized 32 inch by 60 inch tub. As these bathrooms are coming due for renovation and remodeling, we’re noticing a trend. Homeowners want to remove the Jacuzzi tub, and install a standard soaker tub.

There’s three primary reasons why the tub is getting removed.

1) It is rarely used
2) When it is used, you want a quiet and serene bath – not the sound of a motor and jets
3) Replacing the Jacuzzi tub will add an extra 10% to 20% to your renovation cost.

Removing the Jacuzzi tub creates a new opportunity – heated floors in your newly renovated bathroom. The Jacuzzi tub typically has a dedicated electrical circuit to run the motor. Electric in-floor heat requires a dedicated electrical circuit. So eliminating the Jacuzzi allows the electrical circuit to be re-used for the electric in-floor heat.

We’re finding that in places such as Mississauga, Markham, and the outer suburbs of Toronto which have a large number of homes built in the 1980s, the Jacuzzis are being removed, and electric in-floor heat installed.

Electric in-floor heat is a series of wires that are placed below the floor tile. The wiring heats up the tile to give it a warm and comfortable feeling. The in-floor heating can also be used to provide additional heating in the bathroom. It is best to install a programmable thermostat, and set it to turn on half and hour before you would typically use the bathroom in the morning and again in the evening.

If your bathroom doesn’t have a Jacuzzi tub that you want to remove, the in-floor heat can still be installed. But it will be a little more difficult to bring and electrical circuit from the electrical panel to the bathroom.

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