Romantic Jacuzzi Suites in Illinois

Spend a romantic weekend at Hollywood Inn and Suites the perfect getaway for couples who want time to ignite feelings, rekindle romance and spend quality time together.. Plan your weekend getaway in Gurnee, Illinois only a short one hour drive from Chicago, Illinois.

Each of our unique Fantasy Suites with Jacuzzi Tub is designed to provide a one of a kind experience. Most rooms have oversized Jacuzzis. Rooms are meticulously maintained for cleanliness, Jacuzzis are sanitized after each guest stay.

Our Fantasy Suites are uniquely designed to transport you to another world. Tour our Fantasy Suites from the privacy of your computer Check a video showing from our large selection of luxurious Fantasy Suites with Jacuzzi Tub here on our website. Choose Hollywood Inn and Suites for your next anniversary, birthday or just because romantic getaway.

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  • Fine Quality Art Print on Canvas - with texture, rich colour and superior materials.
  • Unframed/ Unstretched. Rolled and shipped in a protective tube.
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  • This product is sold exclusively by Rock Bull. Only buy from Rock Bull to get genuine Rock Bull (TM) products with manufacturer warranty and superb customer service.
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