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Jacuzzi Suites Greenville NC

The staff was very friendly, especially housekeeping, and the hotel was comfortable enough. There doesn't seem to be a lot of attention to detail when it comes to cleaning - the bathroom had spills/stains on the floor, dirt and hair behind the door, a white powdery film on all surfaces, spots all over the mirror and faucet, and the tile...
We have read your review and feel confident that the room you stayed in might have been a room that was recently remodeled with new granite and quite possibly dust continued to settle in these rooms. We do apologize for this happening and hope that you will come back and try us again. We will bring this to the attention...

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Pentair Pentair R38008 Basket Assembly Replacement Pool Skimmer and Pump
Lawn & Patio (Pentair)
  • Basket assembly replacement
  • Fits Pentair Hayward 1070, Pentair pool products Bermuda 516112 pool skimmers and pumps
  • Also fits Pentair Swimquip U3, Jacuzzi 4138, Aladdin B-9 pool skimmers and pumps
  • Measures 12-1/4-inch length by 32-1/4-inch height by 14-1/4-inch width
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