Quality Inn & Suites Maine

Jacuzzi Suites Augusta Maine

Your "home away from home" for the ideal Maine vacation. Peaceful, family-friendly atmosphere on Cobbosseecontee Lake. Lodging options include motel rooms, efficiency units and 1 & 2 bedroom cabins. Bring your boat or rent one from us. Full boating and fishing accommodations are available on site, including fuel, non-resident fishing licenses, boat launching facilities and docks with electrical hook-ups. All units have free WiFi, AC, cable TV and on-site laundry facilities. Nearby access to golfing, dining, museums, performing arts, shopping and hiking/rec trails. Enjoy a view of Maine's only freshwater lighthouse and some of best bass fishing in New England. Route 202, East Winthrop, Maine 207-395-6741.

Experience heavenly luxury at down-to-earth values. Relax in spacious rooms and suites with fireplace, Jacuzzi, free WiFi and more, all at affordable rates. Savor award-winning cuisine at Cloud 9, featuring local seafood, succulent steaks and fresh, local ingredients. Take a dip in our indoor heated mineral pool, or visit the full-service health spa, gym, sauna, massage and hot tubs. Convenient to coast, Augusta-area shopping, L.L. Bean. I-95, Exit 109A. 284 Western Avenue, Augusta, Maine 207-622-5804

Nearby Towns

Maine Lakeside Cabins & Event Center offers year-round, affordable accommodations, event hosting, and an array of outdoor activities. The local activities include whitewater rafting, river floats, fishing, hunting, hiking, ATVing, snowmobiling, and more! The resort complex is nestled directly on the shores of Wyman Lake and includes six modern lakeside cabins, four luxurious guest houses, and a main Lodge. Each cabin sleeps up to twelve, has a full kitchen, bath, living and dining room area and one or two baths. 1008 Route 201, Caratunk, ME. Toll Free: 855-528-3441

Residence Inn in Auburn offers spacious guest rooms with a living area and sofa, kitchen with a refrigerator and microwave, cable TV with premium channels and in room WiFi. Guests enjoy complimentary access to the Inn's fitness center, indoor pool and whirlpool, and a buffet breakfast daily. The Residence has an outdoor terrace with plenty of seating, a firepit and a barbeque grill for your use after your day exploring Maine. There is even an on-site Market stocked with a selection of snacks and beverages. 670 Turner Street, Auburn, Maine, 207-777-3400

Charm and a touch of sophistication and award-winning fine dining. Our accommodations feature private bathrooms and special, unexpected touches. Mornings begin with a full complimentary breakfast; afternoons end with fresh-baked sweets. Dinner at Wings Hill is every bit as memorable. Our prix fixe dinners focus on fresh local products carefully prepared by innkeepers, chefs and owners Christopher and Tracey Anderson, who trained at the renowned Culinary Institute of America. 9 Dry Point Drive, Rome, Maine 207-495-2400

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Bathroom Suites
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Pentair Pentair R38008 Basket Assembly Replacement Pool Skimmer and Pump
Lawn & Patio (Pentair)
  • Basket assembly replacement
  • Fits Pentair Hayward 1070, Pentair pool products Bermuda 516112 pool skimmers and pumps
  • Also fits Pentair Swimquip U3, Jacuzzi 4138, Aladdin B-9 pool skimmers and pumps
  • Measures 12-1/4-inch length by 32-1/4-inch height by 14-1/4-inch width
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