Jacuzzi Hot tub replacement filters

Premium Filter MediaNo single factor is more essential for hot tub or pool water quality than your filtration system. A soiled, clogged or worn-out spa filter will fail in its job of trapping contaminants. Old filters also put strain on your spa's pump and other equipment, which can waste energy dollars and reduce water circulation. Clean your filters with every water change and replace them annually to protect your warranty and reduce unnecessary service calls.

Rotate Filters - KEEP SPARES ON HAND
Use the filter rotation method: when cleaning your dirty filter, swap it with a clean dry spare. With this system you'll never have to wait to use your spa, and your filters will last longer. Allowing filters to dry completely after cleaning will help eliminate odors and resident microorganisms. Clean filters save energy.

Antimicrobial End CapsClarathon Spa & Pool Filters:
You cannot buy a better quality filter cartridge at any price. Here's why:

Premium Filter Media

Clarathon uses the best polyester filtration media that money can buy. The result is longer filter life and better water quality. In fact, you can expect up to 33% better filtration than some other brands which may look about the same, but use cheap filter media. An added bonus: Our sharp pleat folds increase water flow rates while making cartridge cleaning easier.

Antimicrobial End Caps & Premium Center Cores

Durable BandsClarathon's reinforced end caps feature Antimicrobial protection from bacteria and mold. This protection greatly prolongs the life of the cartridge structure and works to inhibit odor and filter clogging, for a healthier filtration system. Our super-strong center cores are the best in the business.

Break-resistant Banding

Filter models requiring bands* feature our wide, break-resistant banding material for optimal flow rates without pleat flutter.

* as specified by the OEM

Blue Anti-Microbial Media Upgrade

Many popular Clarathon filters are now available with Antimicrobial protection. This advanced blue media lasts for the life of the cartridge to inhibit the growth of bacteria on the pleated fabric that can foul and weaken a cartridge. Microorganisms that come in contact with Microban filter media are no longer able to grow or reproduce.

Antimicrobial Media

Swimming Pool Cartridge Filters too!

The Spa Depot also stocks a huge selection of quality replacement pool filter cartridges for Pentair-American/Pac Fab, Hayward, Waterway, Intex Pools, KD, Fox Wal-Pak, Jacuzzi Brothers, Baker Hydro, and many other brands of pool filter equipment.

Premium Quality

Clarathon Premium Ultra spa and pool filter cartridges are made using only the very best quality materials.

Note: Some retailers (particularly on the Internet) sell low-grade filters which have poor filtration characteristics and are subject to premature failure. Don't waste good money on low-quality filters.

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Jacuzzi Jacuzzi 6000-383 Filter, 60 Sq Ft, J-300 Series (2002+)
Lawn & Patio (Jacuzzi)
  • Diameter: 6 3/4 Length: 15 1/2 Bottom: 2 SAE thread
  • Genuine Jacuzzi Parts
  • Twist off cap accommodaes PROCLEAR Mineral Spa Sanitizer
  • Filtration Area: 60 ft2
  • Cartridge lasts up to 18 months
Filbur - Distribution Filbur FC-2800 Antimicrobial Replacement Filter Cartridge for Jacuzzi Premium Pool and Spa Filter
Lawn & Patio (Filbur - Distribution)
  • High performance pleated polyester media
  • Reinforced antimicrobial end caps
  • Extruded pvc center cores
  • Break resistant bands
  • Molded in threads, no loose inserts
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