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Whether you’re planning to relax with a couple of friends or just unwind by yourself after a long day’s work, a 3-person model from Jacuzzi® fits your needs. Ideal for compact spaces, a 3-person Jacuzzi hot tub is easy to set up, easy to maintain, and gives you the most incredible hydro-massage experience available. Our J-315™ 2- to 3-person hot tub delivers all of the hydrotherapeutic massage and relaxation you’d expect with a larger model. Both the J-315 and J-415™ models are easier to enter and exit than taller spas, thanks to their low profiles. The J-415 is designed without the raised curve found on other J-400 models to make for simpler delivery and convenient access. Because it’s designed for smaller spaces, the J-415™ 3-person spa is popular for patios, smaller yards, and decks.

Both the J-315 and the J-415 use the CLEARRAY™ Water Purification System. This new hot tub system keeps your water sparkling clean using UV-C technology, which dramatically reduces the need for sanitizing chemicals. Our 3-person models each include the Water Rainbow® waterfall. Relax with the sight and sound of a cascading stream of water, a calming effect for your cozy 3-person spa.

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