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The San Giuliano Hotel is a romantic boutique hotel located in the heart of Palm Springs. The property boasts spectacular views from the pool area and most suite patios. All of the suites have private patios and jacuzzis. We are an award winning property that prides itself on offering our guests unmatched service. Recently named Top 25 BEST Small Hotel in the United States by Tripadvisor along with Top 5 MOST Romantic Hotel in the U.S. as well! We offer a unique experience and have hosted many weddings, corporate events and parties.


Established in 1920.

The San Giuliano Hotel was built in 1920 and was originally named The Wigwam. The hotel has been host to countless Hollywood celebrities throughout it's history and to this day has a strong celebrity following. The hotel grounds and general layout remain the same even throughout the numerous and recent upgrades.

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