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The Hilton Garden Inn Harrisburg East is located in the 100-acre TecPort Business Center, a mixed-use development that also includes retail and dining. Hotel guests are welcomed in a bright, fresh atrium lobby, where comfortable seating is situated around a dual fireplace. The Great American Grill serves breakfast and dinner throughout the week. On weekdays, lunch also is available. The hotel offers Jacuzzi suites and all rooms include free Internet access.

Guests relax in the hotel's two pools - one indoor and one outdoor.

  • On-site Great American Grill
  • Free wired and wireless Internet access
  • Jacuzzi suites available
  • Fitness center
  • Indoor and outdoor pools

At the Hilton Garden Inn Harrisburg East, large workdesks are paired with ergonomic Mirra chairs by Herman Miller and feature desk-level outlets and adjustable task lighting. Cable channels with HBO on 32-inch HDTVs, alarm clock radios with MP3 connectivity and secure remote printing to the business center provide additional convenience. All guest rooms are non-smoking at the Hilton Garden Inn Harrisburg East. Specialty bedding allows guests to adjust mattress firmness. Also included are microwaves, refrigerators, coffee makers, hair dryers and iron/ironing boards.


The Great American Grill serves cooked-to-order breakfast and dinner. Evening room service is available. At the 24-hour Pavilion Pantry, guests purchase small frozen meals for in-room preparation. Snacks and convenience items also are available. Kick back with a cocktail or gather with friends at the Pavilion Lounge or outdoor patio.
The Hilton Garden Inn Harrisburg East fitness center features an elliptical trainer, treadmills, weight machine and wall-mounted TV. An indoor and outdoor pool and indoor Jacuzzi are available. Self parking is free.

  • Harrisburg International Airport (5 mi/7.9 km)
  • Adjacent to I-83
  • I-76/Pennsylvania Turnpike (3 mi/4.8 km)
  • Harrisburg Amtrak station (3 mi/5.1 km)
  • Harrisburg Greyhound station (3 mi/5.2 km)
  • Free airport shuttle available
  • Harrisburg Mall (0.4 mi/0.6 km)
  • Whitaker Center for Science and the Arts (3 mi/5.3 km)
  • Pennsylvania State Capitol (3 mi/5.5 km)
  • Pennsylvania Farm Show Complex and Expo Center (4 mi/6.6 km)
  • Penn State Harrisburg (5 mi/8.2 km)
  • Hershey's Chocolate World (9 mi/14.2 km)
  • 24-hour business center with two computer workstations
  • Complimentary copy service and office supplies
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