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Round wood hot tubs enjoyed popularity in the 1970s, but had largely disappeared by the late eighties. Although a handful are still made to this day, modern self-contained portable spas have for the most part replaced them in the evolution of hot water bathing.

We're often asked to explain the difference between a hot tub and a spa. Spas, typically rectangular in shape, are larger and made of acrylic or a similar durable, lower maintenance material, with advanced water features, jetting, and purification systems. It's really a matter of semantics: all spas are hot tubs, but wooden hot tubs are not normally referred to as spas.

Construction of Wooden Tubs

Wood hot tubs, often made of redwood or cedar, are assembled from many vertical boards called staves .The edges of the staves, which look like a standard 2 x 4, are angled so that when the staves are assembled edge to edge, the result is a round vessel. The bottom of each stave is carved with a groove called the croze which fits to the width of the floorboards.

The flooring is constructed of horizontal planks. One edge of each floorboard has two or more holes drilled in it and the other edge has corresponding pegs. The pegs make assembly easier by keeping the floorboards properly aligned. The ends of each floorboard are curved slightly, with the center floorboard being the longest and with each of the succeeding floorboards on either side being slightly shorter. The final result is a round, flat floor surface.

The entire structure is held together in the same manner as round wooden barrels. The staves are strapped in place by several round metal bands, tightened with nuts.

Wooden tubs use a lot of lumber to manufacture. As the noble forests of North America have dwindled over the years, supplies of quality redwood and cedar have fallen, and the suitable grades of wood for hot tubs has been on a steep decline. This has forced prices up, as the quality of available lumber has gone down.


Seating Considerations
A major disadvantage of wood hot tubs is lack of comfortable seating. Lounge and bucket seats obviously cannot be molded into wood as they can in an acrylic spa.

Standing upright in the water, or sitting on wood plank benches are the main seating options in these tubs.

Jets & Hydromassage
Just soaking in hot water can have therapeutic benefits, but the vigorous jet action of modern contemporary spas, which mix air and water for stimulating hydro-massage of the entire body, is at least half of the experience. By comparison, the water circulation of wood hot tubs might seem primitive to you, although jets can be added.

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