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After intensive research, found this product. I wanted this one because of a oval shape that fits better to my area of a deck where I have placed the hot tub. I regret that I did not film the movie about how we have raised the tub above my 12' desk and placed it where it is now! It was amazing (with 4 pieces of 12' 2x4!). Anyway, the hot tub met my expectations and began to work as promised right away. Considering my membership in the Club for $@#.$%, the purchase of a hot tub generated $!@# into my membership account, and after the tub delivery, I was able to spend this money on the steps with a matching color. Basically, I got the hot tub with the steps for the price of hot tub only. The chemical kit costs around $50. Make sure you do two things: if you are planning to install it on deck, reinforce it to hold 250lb + 4 people +230lb of a hot tub weight. Also, be careful with chemicals. Do not disregard the suggestion to check the water condition often, otherwise, the walls and the bottom of the hot tub will be covered with a slippery mug. Google the "hot tub maintenance" and learn how often you do need to replace water. Overall, I would recommend this product. No disappointments at all.

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